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The Eye of the Camera

Where the camera can’t access, I grab my drawing pen!
Are you a court reporter and do you want to strengthen your text by portraying the suspect(s)? Feel free to contact me!

I will make the following court drawing on: June 29, 2022 in the Court of Rotterdam

Available now around Europe!

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Threaten with a (kitchen) knife

Court of Rotterdam 27-06-2022

Court of Rotterdam 29-06-2022

(online) harassment of ex girlfriend

Court of The Hague 14-04-2022

Drunkenness, violent

Court of Rotterdam 13-01-2022

Transporting drugs, from left to right, suspect and his interpreter

Court of Rotterdam – multiple criminal chamber 13-01-2022

Abuse of wife

Court of Rotterdam 14-01-2021

Threat with a fake gun (with striking resemblance) and assault by police.

Court of Rotterdam 06-11-2020

Summary proceedings (interpreter, client and lawyer)

Court of Rotterdam 11-09-2019

The suspect had to appear in court because of an invalid contract.

Court of Rotterdam 18-01-2019

Ede jihadist returned to the Netherlands with two children.

Court of Rotterdam 13-11-2018

Collision with a bus

Court of Rotterdam 01-10-2018

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